The moose park in Blekinge

Open July - August

Welcome to Räntemåla Gård, we open the moose park again the 1st of July.

Here awaits close encounters with the King of the forest, exciting history to be fascinated by and beautiful surroundings to explore for the whole family. Guided tour every day at five o'clock

On the animal terms - how we show our moose!

At Räntemåla Gård, we let the moose be as wild as possible. Therefore, we do not take you as a visitor into the enclosure, we do not drive with any carriages or let our guests walk freely along our large fences.

We want as far as possible to let the moose be wild and decide for themselves if and when they want to show up.

The moose live together in a large enclosure, with lots of natural vegetation for them to eat. Ponds to swim and cool off in. There is natural wind and weather protection, cooling shade in dense forest and 30 hectares of large areas to move around.

All year round we feed them with a special pellets. An adapted feed filled with important and useful vitamins and minerals to supplement the natural intake. The moose love this pellets, and some of them also like to munch on apples and carrots. Maybe out of your hand?

The moose are coming! 

Sometimes just one, sometimes many. We feed them at five every afternoon during the summer, and they have got used to this.

They are calm and secure and often come really close. We will give you a piece of apple or carrot to feed them with.

Guided tour

Every day at 17.00 we show our moose, and there is always someone coming. Sometimes you have to wait a long time, and be patient. Just like in the wild.

For about 1 hour, the moose stay around and eat, and then give you the opportunity see them up close, while you get to hear the story about Räntemåla, the moose and their lives.

What do you want to know? We love getting questions from our visitors!

Opening hours & prices

The moose park is open between 1 July - 31 August from 16.30-18.30

Guided tour daily at 17.00 - no pre-booking is necessary - we have plenty of space!

Other days and times we welcome groups and private arrangements, please contact us!


Adults SEK 200
Pensioner SEK 175 (65 +)
Children SEK 100 (5-15 years)
Children under 5 years, free entrance

The entrance includes a guided tour with moose guarantee.

Group rates on request.

The moose family

Get to know our moose



A beautiful bull that was born with us at Räntemåla. 8 years old and follows father Eli's footsteps to become king of the farm. Just a little more shy, and cheeky! He likes to fool around..

Hildurbeyla (1)

Beyla and Hildur

Welcome to the farm's new ladies, 1 year old sisters from Virum Moosepark


DSC 0078

Lady Li

Li is a 5-year-old beautiful little girl, born in Räntemåla, who loves apples and likes to eat them out of your hand.



The king of Räntemåla and our hero. Huge and so beautiful silver bull, 14 years old and has been retired for the 2024 season.

Eli has a beautiful silver color, his father was the banana lover Gustav from Norrland.

DSC 0077


A four year old curious bull  who recently moved to us.

He is a kind guy who likes to eat apples out of your hand.

DSC 0002


3 year-old brother of Malte. A bit shy and likes to stay in a distance

Nice to know before your visit


We have toilets avaliable at Räntemåla Gård for our visitors


We have plenty of parking lots that are free of charge.

We love dogs but they are unfortunately not welcome to the moose park, we recommend  you to leave them at home as the car is not a suitable place in summer.

We have accessibility and facilities for visitors who need a wheelchair or special needs. Assistants have free entrance.

With us you can pay with Swedish krona, credit cards and swish

For the kids

The kids love Räntemåla Gård, and we love them!

In addition to the highlight of meeting our moose up close, there are large areas for running, climbing, balancing and exploring. Add loads of ice cream and all children (and adults) will be happy.


Our new entrance and shop is filled with souvenirs, gifts and tasty products. Here you can buy delicious deer meat, teddy bears and all sorts of small souvenirs


For us, sustainability is about everything from careful purchases to personal treatment. At Räntemåla, we invest for a sustainable climate, planning for solar cells on our roofs, charging stations for electric cars and minimal water consumption in our new toilets.

We use our own meat production from game (deers) in our enclosures and forests. We always try to choose locally produced in what we manufacture and sell. For each visitor, this year we have chosen to contribute  with 1 SEK for every visitor to the Prostate Cancer Association.